Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Totally Overjoyed

I couldn´t wait. Really. Finally. My box is at me.
I have to show some of my new ASOS purchases.
I also bought another evening top, but you´ll probably see next time..
and dresses, guess what colour..RED! I have only my red ring, any other red things.. I am going to wear them at my brother´s ball together with my new feather clutch and heells.
And of course, the PEACE bracelet:)

Have a great day like me!

Burberry Festive Season

Have a nice day today!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Something About me

 First, I have to say I am not as good at taking photos like other blogers, I know. But I would like to post something more personal. Show things, which I like, not only some outfits. Look at the first photo, haha. I bought this Starbucks mug when I set up my blog:)) Because almost every bloger has had something from Starbucks, soo.. I think you understand very well;) I am not ashamed or something, it´s just funny:D (why not for example coffee heaven..?) But now I can´t even imagine morning without my "starmuck*" and black tee:))

In the second picture you can see one of the most important thing for me. The Burberry Brit parfume. It is typical for me, I do not use a different one for ..maybe..3 years? It is connected with me. Absolutely.

You can also see my favourite "encyclopedias":)) 1000 the best films+1000 the best picuters:) Great.

My new killer heels. I am not sure about my walking, but I practise very hard!:))

And my favourite song:) Eliza rocks!

Have a nice day!

Do you sometimes dream about shoes? I do!

Yves Saint Lauren
Charlotte Olympia
Brian Atwood

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I was in Prague today. I wanted to visit one special store with my future Christmas gift.. (aaa..I was so excited:D) It was closed.. Okey. Then I had to go to TopShop. Can you see the faux fur coat? My mum told me, she will buy it to me! So, now.. I am thinking if yes or no. I´ll see,
Have a nice day;)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Spring/Summer 2011, part 2

Louis Vuitton. East inspiration. China, Japan.. It is because of China increase. Look at all details. Amazing. Great job, Marc.

Prada. One of the most interesting shows. Some outfits seem to be inspirated doctors uniforms. And of course, you  can find there the main colour of season-orange.

My favourite Michael Kors. Simple, modern.. I love it.

No minimalist anymore. Moschino style coming:) Checks, big details, bright colours.

Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Nina Ricci and her classic feminine and beautiful look. 

Oscar de la Renta. Every women can become a lady.

Next year we must enjoy it. We must be happy, we will be happy and overjoyed!  Bright colours, comfortable shapes, feminine look will help us.

My tips for must-have items:
  • wide trousers (the bests in bright colour or jeans)
  • white dress
  • checks and stripes
  • big shop bags
  • colourfel shoes
  • wedges
  • satin, shine
  • midi lenght
  • orange and red colour items
  • Asian style